Maracatu: baque virado e baque solto
Vol. 1 da série Batuque Book

Climério de Oliveira Santos and Tarcísio Soares Resende (auctors)

Maracatu: baque virado e baque solto<br />Vol. 1 da série Batuque Book

Book Description

Date of publication: 2006

This book provides a concise history of Maracatu, an abundant tradition in Pernambuco (Northeastern Brazil). Descriptive scores have all the instruments and report to the entire musical form. The rich photography and the beat sketch of each group make more an understandable tradition. The paper deals with six groups, three maracatus nation (or ‘maracatus de baque virado’, abundant in urban areas) and three orchestral maracatus, also called ‘maracatus de baque solto’ or ‘rural’. The CD-ROM (also able in CD player) contains 12 songs, video interviews and groups presentations live, scores and extra pictures.

Cover: special, cardboard, with jacket over cover
Attached: Envelope with CD-ROM on the last page
Number of pages: 154 p.
Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 1 cm;
Editor: Climério de Oliveira Santos (author)
Languages: Portuguese / English
ISBN: 978-85-905347-2-3
Weight: 600g

$ 24.00