Forró: a codificação de Luiz Gonzaga
Vol. 3

Climério de Oliveira Santos (auctor)

Forró: a codificação de Luiz Gonzaga<br />Vol. 3

Book Description

Date of publication
Record: 2013 / release: May 30, 2014

The book talks about the forró conventions that are often attributed to Luiz Gonzaga, but, as the author argues, are collective constructions. The work revolves various processes, such as the establishment of the instrumental trio (bass drum, accordion and triangle), the Convention of rhythmic beats, the “invention” of the baião, the emergence of the “forró” umbrella term, the flow conveyed signs by Luiz Gonzaga, etc. The DVD contains valuable documentary that addresses, among other issues, the main subgenres of forró from Gonzaga: xote, baião, marchinha, arrasta-pé, toada, forró and xaxado. Climério de Oliveira plays six clamped seminal songs of the repertoire of Luiz Gonzaga, with the special participation of Dominguinhos, Maciel Melo, Herbert Lucena, Gennaro, Quartinha de Zabumba, Bozo, Tarcisio Resende, among other musicians who play, sing and talk about the main sound patterns and other topics. In the audiovisual, the DVD contains PDF files with several scores that can be downloaded.

Cover: special, cardboard, with jacket over cover
Attached: DVD envelope on the last page
Number of pages: 144 p.
Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 1 cm;
Publisher: Cepe
Languages: Portuguese / English
ISBN: 978-85-7858-181-7
Weight: 600g

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