Chá de Zabumba



The Chá de Zabumba makes you dance that pleasant rela-buxo, combining tradition of forró to several other styles such as rap, reggae, samba, etc. As rightly said the journalist Renato L, one of the attributes of the update going ahead by the band “is to perform this alchemy without building a modernism Frankenstein made to boot the euro of unsuspecting gringos […] The Chá de Zabumba favored delicacy to build their forrós without rules “. The shows are vigorously energetic. This vibe is powered by the performance of the band, of course, but there is another element that nudges the public: at each show is served free the famous Chá de Zabumba – not exactly the eponymous hallucinogen of indigenous origin, but a drink of cinnamon base , mint and other herbs similar, with a slight hint of brandy – it helps to energize the public. Apart from participated in various compilations, the Recife group released four CDs: Vamo Vadiá (2002), Pra Sambar um Forrozinho (2004), Chá de Zabumba (2007) and Sem Regra (2010) – Climério de Oliveira signs most of the song. Chá de Zabumba played at major festivals like Abril Pro Rock, Pernambuco In Concert, Winter Festival of Garanhuns, MADA (Natal, Brazil), FENART (João Pessoa – PB) and Mercado Cultural (BA). At its formation, the band has: Climério de Oliveira (voice / guitar), Netinho de Custódia (accordion), Sammy (guitar), Rinaldo Lucas (bass), Dirney Pacífico (zabumba), Leo Castro (percussion) and Solano Marinho (drums).

Pra cá, pra lá – Recorded at the Burburinho Bar: