A brief history

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Climério de Oliveira

    Climério de Oliveira Santos attended the Doctorate in Music, Ethnomusicology (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO), during which developed a thesis on forró (music and dance). He attended the Master of Music (Federal University of Paraíba), when researched caboclinhos, cultural tradition linked to the yards of Umbanda Jurema and the Metropolitan Region of Recife and the North of Pernambuco Forest Zone. He specialized in Ethnomusicology (Federal University of Pernambuco; Post-Graduation latu sensu) during one “ethnographied” a “urbanized” Candomblé yard in Recife. He graduated in Music (Federal University of Paraíba; Bachelor) and Education (University of Pernambuco; Degree), and has completed several other short courses. He teaches in Barros Melo College and Pernambuco Conservatory of Music (since 1994); is a founding member of the Association respects Gennaro Research and Improvement of Traditional Songs and Music of the Northeast; coordinates the Batuque Book project (created in partnership with the musician Tarcisio Resende), through which published the following titles: Maracatu: baque virado e baque solto (2006; book and CD-ROM); Cabocolinho (2010; book and CD-ROM), Maracatu Nation (2010; DVD), Forró: a codificação de Luiz Gonzaga (2014; book and DVD); created and coordinated the project Nossos Passos, which held 90 classes spectacle in schools of public networks in the state of Pernambuco and the city of Recife. Founded the band Chá de Zabumba (4 CDs released) and has established his solo career, with shows at various events of Pernambuco and other states which main areas of ethnomusicology, music education, popular music (emphasis on guitar and composition), book publishing, music production, music and audiovisual production, development / implementation of projects.

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